Better idea to display the datetime difference by DAX


  • Hello Friends,


    My customer request to show the "waiting time "as XX "d" XX "h"(eg. 3d4h, which means 3 days and 4 hours). So the calculatioon is straight enough as TODAY-orderDate.  I use the DAX to archieve this by 

    =IF(1.*(TODAY()-FactOrderLine[OrderFulldate])>=1, Round(1.*(TODAY()-FactOrderLine[OrderFulldate]), 0) & "d "& Mod(ROUND(24.*(TODAY()-FactOrderLine[OrderFulldate]),0), 24) & "h",ROUND(24.*(TODAY()-FactOrderLine[OrderFulldate]),0) & "h")

    But I am not sure whether this is the easiest way to do this.

    I doubt so. Any better and easier idea to implement this?


    2012년 4월 10일 화요일 오후 6:04


  • Hi Derek,

    Since you want to customize the date's format rather than the standard format, you have to construct its string just like you mentioned.

    Challen Fu

    TechNet Community Support

    2012년 4월 12일 목요일 오전 5:50