Need help to find out problem statement and prepare an abstract for phd


  •  I am interested in ontologies and mining in social networking sites ..............can anyone suggest me which area should i choose for research and plz suggest me some problem statements. Please its urgent
    2012년 5월 2일 수요일 오전 4:04


  • Hello Naadem, there are multiple areas available for research in social networking - if you already admitted to the PHD program you should check with professors if there are specific areas of research where they need your assistance. if you are working on your undergraduate thesis - check with the PHD program coordinators.

    My personal preference would be problem of spam and trolling in social networks and trends in these areas, but you should decide this on your own based on which background and goals you have.

    HTH, Vlad.

    2012년 5월 8일 화요일 오후 4:24