SQLCMD error: "Native Client not installed correctly."


  • Just installed SQL 2008 server, enterprise with everything.

    Trying to set up Adventureworks using: sqlcmd -E -S %_instancename% -d master -i "%_sourcepath%AdventureWorks 2008 Data Warehouse\instawdwdb.sql"
    -b -v SqlSamplesSourceDataPath = "%_sourcepath%" -v SqlSamplesDatabasePath = "%_datapath%"

    and I get the above error. I checked if the native Client was installed under ODBC Data Sources>>Drivers, and it is there.

    Anyone have any thoughts of what I might try next?? Thanks!!

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  • Thanks.

    Yes, I figured out the issue.

    1: Had to run each script in SSMS as a query script in SQLCMD Mode
    2: I was running in Windows Auth mode, so had to set to Mixed Mode and had to log in with sa account
    3: Had to enable named Piped in Server Config
    4: Restart Server--VOILA!
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