How can I get the table schema using Entreprise Library DAAB ?


  • Hello people,

    i'm using the DAAB (Enterprise Library) to access the data in my system. But I need to use the schema from the tables i'm reading....

    when I was using the default DataAdapter, I have used the FillSchema() method, but now, when I use de DAAB to fill de data, I couldn't get the primary keys columns, unique columns neither autoincrement columns...

    This is the code that i'm using to get the data with DAAB:


    Database db = DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase();

    DBCommandWrapper cmd = db.GetSqlStringCommandWrapper("SELECT * FROM Customer");

    ds = db.ExecuteDataSet(cmd);


    But this code don't return the schema from the "Customer" table.

    Do you have any tip to do it?

    thanks people

    giovedì 12 maggio 2005 12:10