How to know which article/table the conflict is coming from ? -- as i am using custom conflict handler


  • I have a custom conflict handler and i am using column level tracking the problem is that in order to retrieve rows replication metadata, i need to know which article/table that update conflict is coming from so i can get version number using a sqlcommand like the following:

    tempReplicaDataAdapter.SelectCommand = new SqlCommand(
                    "exec sp_showrowreplicainfo @tablename='XXXX', @rowguid = '" + rowguid + "', @show = 'BOTH'",

    another approach is to implement custom conflict business logic for each article and hardcode table name in custom business logic but i do not to follow this route as i need one custom business logic to be shared between all articles.

    Any idea ? is it doable or not ?

    giovedì 12 aprile 2012 03:07