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  • Hi,

    we use win7 with office 2010 at work (no Share Point yet). I pull some report from our payroll system( I can only export them as xls file). Each of my imports have less than 11'000 rows (some only have 2000 rows). All columns in all files have headings as well. I save the reports as CSV and import into Powerpivot. I make some connection with no problem (on Employee ID) but as soon as I click on Pivot table (either regular or flatten) it gives me the "The command was canceled..." error. If I save the file as is everything on the powerpivot tab will be grayed out (even if I close and reopen the file). I thought it might be due to incorrect relations so I imported only one CSV file and tried creating pivot table from that but I get the same result.

    I have searched the internet for an answer but I seem to not be able to find any answers. Your help is greatly appreciated.




    venerdì 3 dicembre 2010 04:22

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