How better managing parent-child hierarchies in PowerPivot v2


  • Hi,

    I've a dwh with a fact table and some dimensions. One of these dimensions represents the chart of accounts (or the accounts of the general ledger). Each account (each row) has an account id and the related account parent id. Moreover, the depth of the leafs isn't fixed. The dws is the data source for a SSAS cube generated by a 3-rd party application with some user interfaces that allow a good navigation from the root to the leaf. I think to import the fact table and the related dimensions, and so the account dimension, inside PowerPivot and then using the PATH function to create a calculated column for the account dimension and a calculated column for each items of the calculated PATH by using the PATHITEM function. But when I create an hierarchy and select it for a PowerPivot table I can see some empty cells, due to different depth of the account path.

    How can I better manage this scenario and implement correctly the parent-child hierarchies, typical for the chart of accounts?

    Many thanks!

    giovedì 12 aprile 2012 15:07


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