How to pass console application in trigger


  • I have developed one UCMA console application to send IM to users

    I want to modify it in such a way that , if any new entry is added in the alert table of database . UCMA appliation will send IM to users

    So I need to write trigger which will check if new entry is added , then it will call UCMA application.

    So is it possible to pass the console application in trigger? which file do i need to pass?

    If yes how to do it? Can u please explain with sample code?

    martedì 23 agosto 2011 19:38

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  • Ideally it would be best if the console application can read off an event log to decide if it needs to send a message . The only way i can think if invoking a application via a trigger is to call is using xp_cmdshell. I would strongly recommend not using this approach.

    Have you considered using a operator and alerting the user via email etc ?

    martedì 21 febbraio 2012 09:58