Excel Server service is not properly registered or provisioned


  • I have an issue with viewing excel through the web on Sharepoint 2010. On checking the event logs I get.

    ExcelServerWebServiceApplication.Local: Could not get the web application associated with this context. This indicates that the Excel Server service is not properly registered or provisioned.

    I could open excel sheets before but never got the excel refresh slicer working correctly. So I had deleted the "Excel Services Application"  and recreated a "Excel Services" in the manage Service applications, now I cannot open excel at all.  This is a development box is there a way to get this working without a reinstall of Sharepoint 2010.

    When I deleted the Excel Services Application it only deleted the same name under it

    Currently in my manage service applications for excel I have the following.

    Excel Services Application

    Excel Services
    Excel Services

    any help appreciated


    02 April 2012 16:22

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  • Hi Sammy,

    Is your PivotTable based on PowerPivot?

    Challen Fu

    TechNet Community Support

    04 April 2012 6:45
  • Hi Challen,

    It was just standard excel 2010 connected to analysis server on a different server to the sharepoint 2010 server.

    The Sharepoint does not let me open any excel sheets at all now since I deleted the "Excel Services Application" so I think its probably not a powerpivot issue, so may be in the wrong newsgroup area, if so would you know the best newsgroup for this issue



    04 April 2012 8:41