Windows based web-server recommendation


  • Hi,

    I've been searching for a way to install PHP CMS Drupal-7 and PHP ORM Library called Doctrine-2 which are hosted on my Fedora-16 (apache), to connect with my SQL Server 2005. But nothing works...

    The sad thing is, both (Drupal-7 and Doctrine-2) only provide (or support) sqlsrv driver which is not available for Linux (yet?).

    So I think I should move to Windows based web-server, which there are two common servers, IIS and Apache. Here, I would like suggestions which server to choose, IIS or Apache? (it's kinda IIS vs Apache things, I'm not sure though)

    If there are any other suggestions, please be my guest...

    The application scale is pretty big, because it will be used as an Academic support application for university (so lots of data and transaction will be involved).


    07 Maret 2012 5:04


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