Database Design for SaaS based Consumer-oriented services


  • We are on the process of building SaaS based Consumer-oriented services.  

    For security, backup/recovery & for performance we are considering to host each one of the customer in separate database (Single tenant), with common site. But we are confuse how to design develop the architecture and Database that support this scenario.

    Suggestion and comments are welcome to put us in right track

    Platform and Technologies Considering :

    1. Database: Microsoft SQL SERVER 2008/R2
    2. Entity Framework  (ORM)
    3. ( MVC 3.0) or Silverlight 5
    4. WCF / WCF RIA services

    Thanks !!!


    15 Maret 2012 8:10


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    Best Regards, Uri Dimant SQL Server MVP

    15 Maret 2012 8:17
  • Sorry for being my late reply.

    As the requirements is to have a shared front-end (application) with a separated database for each of the tenant hosted. My concern what is the correct approach to build or design the authentication & authorization. Considering the scenario as described below: 

    1. There will be Shared Front End( Common Web Site) with a separated databases. Backup and recovery will be easy without effecting another tenant(university) in a long run. I know there will be certain issue for managing them but still Isolated Database is the preference. 

    2. Tenant A (say University XYZ) users (say staff or student) will be isolated to the Tenant B (say College ABC) users. 

    3. There will be no intranet. Entire application will run on traditional web hosting servers, no cloud. 

    4. Authentication and Authorization :

    This is the Question. What will be the correct approach to design the authentication and authorization, in such a way that every end user of every tenant will only have to provide his/her credential without tenantID. After authentication and proper authorization user will be redirected to respective dashboard, keeping security and performance balanced. 

    Suggestion and comments are welcome !!!!


    09 April 2012 15:15