Windows service won't start on a different machine


  • I created a windows service under Network service account that works fine on my local computer, dev environment. I want to test it on a different computer so i copied and installed the msi file from inside the setup project to a different machine. Checked Allow remote connections on my local MSSQLSERVER instance.

    When i try to start the service - it says the service on local computer started and then stopped. sdome services stop automatically is they are not in use by other services or programs.

    So i checked the eventviewer, it says - Service cannot be started.System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot open MSSQLSERVER service on computer <name>

    This is urgent, any help is appreciated.


    • נערך על-ידי Natty PLC יום חמישי 03 מאי 2012 21:02
    יום רביעי 02 מאי 2012 22:17


  • don't worry about it Dave. looks like the application was accesiing sql server service that was making it to fail. That is figured out now.

    Thanks anyway.

    • הוצע כתשובה על-ידי Dave PatrickMVP שבת 05 מאי 2012 01:23
    • סומן כתשובה על-ידי Natty PLC יום שני 07 מאי 2012 16:58
    יום שישי 04 מאי 2012 23:43

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