PowerPivot issue: Can't get PREVIOUSYEAR to work properly.


  • I have an issue where I can't get PREVIOUSYEAR, PREVIOUSMONTH functions to work.  At first I didn't have a separate table with a 'date dimension', but I created that using the great tutorial on creating a datetime table for PowerPivot and added it as a table, related it to my main sales table (date-->date).

    The formula is: PrevYr:=CALCULATE(SUM('Query'[ReportingUSD]),PREVIOUSMONTH('Calendar'[Date]

    All I get though, is blanks.

    Anyone have any advice/insights?

    mercredi 21 mars 2012 14:53


  • I can, but I'd have to mask an awful lot.  In reading more about this, I noticed the 'mark as date table' feature, which has been mentioned as being key to getting this stuff to work - but its greyed out when I select my date table in the layout view of PowerPivot.

    Anyone know why?

    The 'Mark as Date Table' button is always disabled in 'Diagram View'.

    You need to switch to 'Data View' before you can use it.

    mardi 10 avril 2012 12:58

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