Connection to SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM via IP address fails


  • I am having trouble to connect to a SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM (64 Bit) Server on Window 7 64Bit. I already attempted to re-configure TCP/IP and named pipped but that did not resolve my problem either.

    I have a 32bit SQL Server 2008 instance on the same machine - could this problem be connected to the 32bit server instance being on the same computer?

    Below is a screenhot of the actual error message and config: "Cannot Connect to xx.xx.xx.xx\SQLExpress".

    Has anyone seen this before? What are the minimal requirements for 2008 R2 RTM to work with ip in the address part of the server?

    Any hints would be greatly appreciated,

    Cheers Dirk

    jeudi 19 janvier 2012 15:34


  • I found a resolution. The SQL Server Browser service was disabled (as it is by default). So setting this to Automatic, restarting it, and configuring TCP/IP and Named Pipes fixed my problem.
    lundi 23 janvier 2012 08:40

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