Passing SQL Constants to CLR procedure/function


  • Some SQL Server functions such as those that work on dates use constants as a parameter. For example the DATEADD function takes as its first parameter a constant which cane be 'day', 'week', 'year' etc.

    I would like to write a CLR procedure that mimics dateadd but working on integer data warehouse keys in the form yyyymmdd. I would like the function call to work in exactly the same way as the built in function for example:

    dbo.DateKeyAdd(day, 10, 20120301)

    where the first parameter value is resolved as the SQL constant for day.

    Is this possible?

    Andrew Wiles - - MDX made simple

    lundi 19 mars 2012 08:53

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  • Hi Andrew,

    You can call the DATEADD function directly as below:

    DECLARE @DATE INT=20120101

    To create a function or stored procedure in SQL Server, the first parameter should be quoted by Single quotation marks, as ‘DAY’, or SQL Server cannot distinguish it as a string parameter.

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    Stephanie Lv

    TechNet Community Support

    mardi 20 mars 2012 07:03
  • Stephanie

    Thanks for the reply I am aware that this can be done in pure SQL however to do the full job in SQL functions I would also need to convert the response back to an integer which makes the resulting expression very cumbersome.

    The function I am implementing would provide a cleaner, more concise interface taking an integer as a the datekey parameter and returning an integer with no need for conversions.

    It is not a big deal to take a string as the first parameter to the function but I was interested in whether the SQL constants are accessible.

    Andrew Wiles - - MDX made simple

    mardi 20 mars 2012 09:19