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  • The days from launch calc should be based on PKPN and Activity Date and should be the number of days since the first Activity Date for a PKPN to date. So for example if they do not select a date they should get results for the first day’s activity to today’s date and if they pick day they would get to that date.

     I am to calculate the Days From Launch calculation based on PKPN and its related Activity Date. I listed it as two steps.

     I need to calculate  the first activity date for each PKPN.

    1. I need date difference from the first activity date to today’s date (that’s the else part)
    2. (For the IF part) I think I need to create the same utility table with all dates. User selects the date from that table and the date difference is calculated.

     I am in fix as to how to calculate first activity date for each PKPN. I got the following formula but it’s not helping me that much. Any ides would be greatly appreciated.

    First Activity Date for Each PKPN:=MINX(FILTER(Product,Product[PKPN]=EARLIER(Product[PKPN])),Related(‘Activity Date’[FullDate]))

    Dates from Launch:= DATESBETWEEN(‘Activity Date’[FullDate],’Product’[First Activity Date for Each PKPN],’Utility Table’[FullDate])

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    jueves, 12 de abril de 2012 1:18