how to calculate time difference between two columns


  • in my report query, i have two columns received date and closed date. how do you calculate the tiem difference between received date and closed date.

    similarly i have received time column and a closed time column , i want to calculate the time difference in  hh/mm/ss

    can someone help me ?


    viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011 3:19


  • Hi msmustard,

    Based on your requirement, I think that we can use the DateDiff() function to achieve this.
    For example, we can use the following expression to calculate the time difference between “10:00:00” and “11:11:11”, and the result display with “hh:mm:ss” format:
    =Datediff(DateInterval.Hour,#10:00:00#,#11:11:11#) &":" & Datediff(DateInterval.Minute,#10:00:00#,#11:11:11#) MOD 60 & ":" & (Datediff(DateInterval.Second,#10:00:00#,#11:11:11#) MOD 60) MOD 60
    The result like this: 1:11:11

    For more information about Datediff() function, please see:

    Bin Long


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    lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011 6:13

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