Install SQL 2008 R2 Express + Management Studio on 32-bit Win7 machine


  • Hi

    For several days now we are struggling with this issue

    We have a production SQL 2008 R2 server running on 64 bit machine.

    In our development we have 32-bit Window 7 machines.

    We need to look at our data from production, but since the backups cannot be restored to the SQL 2008 versions, I am attempting to install the R2 Express version. This succeeded, but now the SSMS 2008 R2 Express fails installation. What's going on here. Do I really have to uninstall SQL 2008 R2 Express and then download the tools version and then install with management studio?


    I saw many posts on this topic, but most of them are dated back a couple of years 

    sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011 16:58

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  • Hi

    So I tried to uninstall the SQL 2008 R2 Express and in the configuration manager the instance is gone, but in the Microsoft 'Add/Remove' control panel, I can still see the SQL 2008 R2 entry. Why is the entry still there, together with 3 other items installed at the same time, see screenshot below?

    How can I remove this entry, or is it possible to install the Tools version of SQL 2008 R2 Express on top of these 3 apps installed on 8/27?

    domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011 7:25
  • I strongly strongly recommend buying a copy of SQL Server 2008 R2 Developer edition.  It is worth the $50.  It is includes all features from all editions.  It has all the tools you need like the full management studio and the sql profiler (a must).  Now, I've had similar troubles in the past with 2008 vs R2.  They are really different versions of SQL and you must have R2 to restore a R2 backup. 2008 won't do it.  There is a special download of R2 express that includes that tools and management studio basic.  Also, I've noticed that I cannot have the 2008 and 2008 R2 express management tools installed side-by-side.  The installer won't allow it.  You can keep your 2008 databases install but not the 2008 express tools.
    Jonathan Miller
    lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011 2:37
  • Hi JonM

    Thanks for your input. However, you did not mention the issue 32- vs. 64-bit, So I am not sure, which OS versions you are referring to...

    I really do not understand, why you recommend purchasing a product if it is completely unnecessary with the Express editions freely available..

    My problem is solved.

    I was able to download and install the Express edition (=free) SQL2008R2WT (with tools)  on my 32-bit Win7 box - the management studio automatically upgraded to R2. I can still access my previous SQL2008 databases by connecting to the appropriate server.

    I started management studio, connected to the R2Express edition, restored my backup, and voila, my production data is available.

    The way this was done, I first installed the 2008R2Express version 32-bit with no tools

    Next I uninstalled it - since no tools. Some components, see screenshot of 8/28 stayed in the ADD/REMOVE programms control panel, why I still don't know..

    Next I downloaded and installed the Express SQL2008R2WT for x86.

    Now I can access our production data generated on a 64-bit machine with SQL2008R2 web edition on our local development machine with the 32-bit SQL2008R2 Express edition.

    Thanks to all who helped with this, in particular Olaf Helper (is this really your name?)

    lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011 10:22
  • You can do this in a different way.

    From your R2 installation, go to the database you want to backup:

    Right-click > Tasks > Generate Scripts > Next > Choose Database > Next > Find ADVANCED > Script for Server Version -- choose the version you want. Proceed. Click all the options you need -- you can backup the entire DB or objects. It saves it as a .sql script. Open an empty database in whatever server you are trying to use -- name it (obviously). Open the .sql file, execute the script on this empty DB, and you're set.



    lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011 16:47