How do you migrate 39 databases to a new database server in stages?


  • Hi all,

    Our current database server is Windows Server 2003 with SQL Server 2005. We are migrating the databases to Windows Server 2008 with SQL Server 2008 R2.

    The current database has 39 databases on it. The databases are pretty chopped up between different systems ranging from application to infrastructure roles. The systems will require little downtime.

    I was told by upper management that this migration needs to be done in stages.  My questions are:

    1. I don’t have a vast amount of knowledge of the systems using this database so how would I go about mapping out a plan to move the databases in stages?
    2. What little information I could find on this while doing prior research revealed that I would need a new hostname. What steps do I need to take in implementing this and making the transition seamless?

    Just a note, I have the method for how to move the databases, logins, scripts, etc. I am having a problem on getting this set up in stages. Any previous experience with moving in stages would be helpful. There is not a set deadline so if I need to use weeks to complete this that is fine.

    Thank you in advance for your time.


    martes, 01 de mayo de 2012 14:39


  • Hello,

    Since the process has to be done in stages, there is no deadline,  and you need to create a new SQL Server instance on a new server (side-by-side migration). I would contact vendors of all applications and will plan with them the upgrade. They should provide the procedure to upgrade all databases used by their applications.

    I would be upgrading the databases as the vendors provide all the information required to plan an upgrade for their databases. In some cases upgrading the databases my involved upgrading applications also.

    I would involve in the process administrators of all applications to help gather the information from vendors, to test the plan and to validate the upgrade process at the end. A rollback plan should be considered for each application/database involved, and that should be easy since this is a side-by-side upgrade.

    Hope this helps

    Alberto Morillo

    martes, 01 de mayo de 2012 14:52