SSMA help on remote servers


  • Hi, I am going to use SSMA 5.2 for Oracle to SQL server 2008 migration. My source and target databases are at the remote servers(On Clients Network). Now I have two options, either I ask client to Install the SSMA 5.2 to their system and I can work from Remote Desktop on that tool, But this leaves a risk for me on proper installation of tool. There might be some mistakes in installation and I might need to face problems.


    I can install the SSMA 5.2 at my system, But for this I need to install the Oracle Client and SQL server both at my system too. By doing this I'll have to import the database from client to our network or I can conncet to server remotely.

    Can you please suggest me what approach I should follow here. If you have any better option for me please suggest.

    martes, 28 de febrero de 2012 13:15


  • There isn't any other options that what you have already mentioned.  You need to have a connection to Source and Target to perform assessment and conversion.  Talk to your client and understand the concerns & risks.  Determine if they have a dev or staging environment you can work with.

    jueves, 01 de marzo de 2012 1:35