Replay Provider Errors on Replay Clients


  • When replaying a trace in stress mode (the workload consists of inserts and updates, protected by transactions) from two or three replay clients, only the load from the first client (as ordered in the 'dreplay replay' command-line) gets executed 100%, the other clients(s) have a low pass rate. On those other client(s) the ReplayResult.trc shows many 'Replay Provider Errors' of type 'The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object ...' for various objects in msdb (sp_sqlagent_has_server_access, sp_help_jobstep, sp_sysutility_mi_collect_dac_execution_statistics_internal, etc.).

    This behavior occurs only for the 2nd and 3rd replay client. When I list a client (which previously produced the above errors) on the first position, no errors at ll occur on this client (but now on the other two).

    How can I further analyze the source of this effect?



    domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012 7:59

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