What Does SQL stand for???


  • What Does the "SQL" Stand for? I am just starting to teach myself Visual Studio Programing and some other applications. I can build any computer system that is out there and I have; So I think it is now time for me to study modern programing. 


    I started waching the Visual LESSONS, provided by Microsoft and I must say "Programing has come a long way since Micosoft (BASICA) and (DOS)"..... I am very enthusiastic about the new wave Software laguages....


    Computing has been my hobby as well as a outstanding educational tool, I feel that what makes it so great is that you can spend all you life working or playing with them and NEVER reach and end.... So as a retired Machine and ToolMaker I will lean a new field at my own pace.... And Who Knows????????????


    Thank you All......... ToolMan59........ Long Life And Good Health to All.......


    Friday, November 09, 2007 10:39 PM


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