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  • I download sql server management studio 2005 , when i open its asking server name. How to find servername
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  • I am assuming the sql server database engine is installed on SAME machine.

    Try . or your computer name (try HOSTNAME from command line) - this approach assumes the server is the DEFAULT instance.

    If it does not work, then try to search for a file named 'ERRORLOG' on your disks - it is in the folder where sql server was installed. When you find it, open it in notepad - the sql server name should be listed there (search for the text 'Server name is'). The file is being created every time you restart sql server database engine. Also you should see a few more similar files in the same folder which have the same name but '1,2,3... as an extension.
    Let us know how it goes.

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  • Or right click on "My Computer", properties and select the "Computer Name" tab (you don't want the fully qualified domain server name).
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  • You can find all the SQL Server-s on your network(or computer) by running at Command Prompt:


    The default instance has the same name as the computer.  Example:


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