Can Window 2003 domain controller SQL Server 2012 failover cluster (SQL nodes run Win 2012)?


  • SQL Server 2012 failed at the end of installation: Network Name couldn't brought online.  I have removed and reinstalled many times with no success.

    I tried to just configure a MSDTC service, it also failed with same error message. It doesn't create the virtual computer name in AD, but if I added the virtual name in AD first, it recognizes it and you can't go forward.

    So this doesn't look like a SQL instaall issue, more like a adding cluster resource objects to AD or a permission issue.

    Any help is appreciated! Peter

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  • Hello,

    There are two options that I can think of and have used.

    The first is to make the network name computer object in AD before installing.

    The second is to give the account installing SQL Server rights to create computer objects in AD (I believe there are a few more permissions but I can find where I saw it, you're AD admin may know though). If the account installing SQL Server has the correct rights, it'll create the associated objects in AD.

    On a related note, while you're in there I'd also setup the SPNs since form the issue I don't think the SQL Server service account will have the permissions either.


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  • Thanks for the reply:

    For the first suggestion: if I created the network name computer object in AD before installing, it complains about it. I even tried to just create a MSDTC service, it still doesn't create the network name in AD. Even if I create the network name is AD later, I can't bring the network name online from cluster manager.

    For the second option: I tried to give the cluster name object full control over the OU and plus domain admin rights, it still doesn't work.

    Thanks, Peter

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  • You should look at pre-staging the accounts prior to install in a restrictive Active Directory prior to installation.

    Please review the following very useful url "How to Create a Cluster in a Restrictive Active Directory Environment"

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