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  • Hi All,

    I have the following scenario:


    Root Domain:

    Child domains:;;

    Then I have another forest with several domains:

    Root domain:

    Child domain: (all user accounts are in this domain)

    I have 3 SSRS servers deployed in the root domain (, where these servers have their own reporting DB on a remote SQL server in each child domain.

    If I use an account belonging to the I don't have any issues accessing the reports what is normal because a trust relationship exists between the root domain and the child domains and the SSRS server are able to connect to each SQL server through a Windows service account or a SQL account.

    I also have a server that is added to the domain that is in another forest, this server is able to talk to the SSRS servers deployed in domain but not with the child domains where the Reporting DBs are deployed, from this server I'm not able to see the reports using an account from the domain, because no trust relationship exists between both forests.

    My goal is if possible to use an account from domain to see and access to these reports instead of using accounts.

    I have the following Requirements:

    - I can't build new trust relationships between the two forests and

    - I can't open firewall rules from to any child domain (;;

    - I should only use accounts to access to the reports deployed in domain

    So my problem here is that I can't create a trust relationship between forests nor open firewall rules to the child domains.

    I'm able to reach the reporting servers URLs in the domain from domain, but how could I use the report URL without using the accounts, because when I access the report it will ask for credentials that belong to

    There is any solution or ideas to copy automatically or sync these reports with other SSRS server in another forest?

    Is this possible taking into consideration the requirements?

    What possible solutions do I have?

    Your help will be very appreciated.

    Thank you all.

    David Paris Vicente

    Wednesday, October 31, 2018 3:46 PM

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