searching for sql server 2011 denali text search capabilities


  • hi all,

    i'm working on an enterprise class product at hp.

    we're designing some text search functionality, and are doing comparisons of different possible implementations.

    we're considering using the built-in text search feature.

    we allow our clients to choose their own favorite dbs, mostly oracle and mssql.


    currently, oracle seems to offer a richer text search experience, and the delta between the capabilities is an issue, as we have to make an interface for the lower common denominator.


    we wouldn't mind this if we knew what the future release (afaik 2011 delani) is going to improve text-search-wise.

    is such documentation available? i have not been able to find it.

    that is what i'm actually asking in this post. the rest is finer grain details of what interests us, currently.


    what concerns us mostly:

    * will internationalization be available in higher resolution than "column"? we require columns that contain for example, turkish and english at the same time.

    * highlighting support (or alternatively, api for term transformations: given a word what are the transformations executed on said term, and what is their output)

    * customize ranking/scoring.

    * "more like this"

    * some simple features that seem to be missing such as fuzzy searches, and by that i mean levinshtein distance.


    also, taking this opportunity, are you aware of where one might obtain non english thesauri? are there such projects? enterprise level?


    any sources of information for these issues would be most welcome.


    thanks you for your time,

    Nathan Grunzweig.


    Monday, November 8, 2010 9:10 AM


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