The SQL Server service failed to start


  • I have mentioned this problem before but it has not been resolved. I am installing MS SQL Server Express Advanced i.e. using SQLEXPR_ADV.EXE.

    During the initial checks, i get a warning about hardware requirements and I have read the posts about the install failing if the CPU does not support prefetching but I am running a P4 3.0GHz (twin core) CPU with 512MB RAM on Windows XP Pro SP2.

    The installation fails at SQL Server Database Services during "Configuring Microsoft SQL Server":

    "Starting SQL Service: MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS"

    If I click the Retry button, the system goes away and then comes back with the same message. If I click cancel, various roll-back actions are performed and the install fails

    Is this the default name for the SQL Server instance ? I thought it would be named after my machine name i.e. GLKD239680\SQLExpress ?

    Any ideas anyone ? I have not had much luck with installing this despite 2 PC rebuilds and scanning the forums for solutions.... I can post any log files if needed




    Friday, June 30, 2006 8:58 AM