How to deploy reports to production server, do i need to have sql server reporting services installed or just runtime files ok RRS feed

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    I would like to deploy several reports to production server, Do i need to install reporting services entire software in order to run the reports or is it possible to just have runtime files installed on it to run the reports.


    please help, i have almost 100 reports to be deployed on this server which is located in other country.


    Thanks for the helpful information.


    (i am using SQL server 2005 / reporting services 2005.)


    Wednesday, April 23, 2008 7:26 PM


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  • From Visual studio

    1. Right click on the project in the solution explorer

    2. Choose properties

    3. Enter the address, name or ip of the server you are deploying the reports to, the one hosting reporting services in the targetserver url text box followed by reportserver, http://servername/reportserver

    4. Enter the folder that the report(s) will be deployed to in the TargetReportFolder

    5. Click the OK button

    6. Right click on the report(s) you wish to deploy and choose Deploy


    All you need on the machine deploying the reports is VS.  You specify the url of the target in the project properties




    Wednesday, April 23, 2008 7:35 PM
  • I am able to deploy the reports on the same server without any problem and also few sites are using the reports on this box.


    But my question is how can i deploy the same set of 75 reports to another remote server at client location. on that box i don't have vs 2005.


    is it possible to install just the run time files on that client site production box. without having me to install allover again with vs 2005.


    please help.


    Thank you.

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008 7:58 PM
  • SQL 2005 database engine and SSRS must be installed on the target machine.  As SSRS requires the database engine to run you will must have this.  You can then install the client tools, which will install BIDS, business intelligence development studio or VS 2005 for sql.  Copy the project files there and deploy them from there.


    Is this the direction you are looking for or have I misread your exact question?


    Wednesday, April 23, 2008 8:08 PM
  • Hope I am reading this correctly, but if you can copy the files from the client or to a network resource, you can inmport them from SSMS by connecting to the instance of SSRS.  You can also use the command line executable rs.exe. Refer to this post which, I hope is similar to your request.  Again I apologize if this is not the direction you wanted to go.



    Here is the online information for the rs.exe


    Wednesday, April 23, 2008 8:15 PM
  • Hey David,

    I am looking for any urgent answer. By looking at the manner and quality in which you reply , I dont think it would be a difficult question for you.

    In targetserver URL  : is it complusory to have only URL? Can I have connection string?

    Can you eloorate more on what is targetserver URL? functions? uses?

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009 2:58 AM