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  • I'm reading about this database here,

    But I need to find a way to make this class ready. I see a SQL Azure and SQLDW version.

    I need to teach a class but I need to find a way to give users access to this through Excel and PowerBI.

    I tried PowerBI and it was easy to import the data. I'll try Excel 2016 and see if I can run DAX commands against it but these are

    My questions right now:

    1. Do I need to have an enterprise gateway to allow users to access this data?

    2. I guess I should pick out what I want to talk about in the DB and give that only to users to abstract information to the user?

    3. The documentation says most of the data is in schemas, will any data be in the tables?

    4. The documentation also says there is a HTAP version, I'm very excited about this, how do I set this up 

    correctly to function or is the data just HTAP meaning I can search whether I data is in the cloud or local?

    5. Do I need to enable full-text search on SQL for this to work correctly?


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  • 6. I need to narrow this down. How do I load this into SQL DWAAS so I can just have queries run against the data?

    7. I guess I can run some script to update this data to current? I'm sure what that means though...

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