RS Client print 2008 problem


  • I have installed SQL2008 on Windows Server 2003 X64bits. After, was installed SP1.
    The appeared problem:
    when I print a report from ReportServer , the report is printed with a different font. All letters,  and most important,   the barcode(and this barcode isn't read by scanner) is painted different from the same report deployed to Report Server 2005.

    When I export the report to pdf and print this report, it is printed correct.

    I think the problem is in RS Client print 2008.  How can I reinstall RS Client print 2008.
    What can be problem ? Maybe another printing function?
    Tuesday, January 19, 2010 12:48 PM


  • Hi Pascari,

    By default, the RS Client Print control will render the report to an EMF object, and then use the .NET object PrintDocument to print the report. The PDF render extension will use its own render extension to render the report. So, there would be something different.

    To reinstall RSClientPrint control 2008, please un-register RSClientPrint control from clients, and then print the report again, the RSClientPrint control will be installed automatically.
    To un-register RSClientPrint control, please follow these steps:
    1. Unregister RSClientPrint.dll in c:\windows\system32 folder or c:\windows\Downloaded program files (note that c:\windows\Downloaded program files might now show the files but they might be there. You can double check using the command window)
    regsvr32 /u "C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\RSClientPrint.dll"

    2. Delete all RSClientPrint.dll and RSClientPrint*.rll files from
    c:\windows\system32 folder or c:\windows\Downloaded program files

    3.Go to Windows\Downloaded Program Files and delete the RSClientPrint 2008 Class

    By the way, the RSClientPrint control has been updated again in Cumulative Update 6 for SQL Server 2008 SP1. I would suggest you updating SQL Server 2008 to this version.
    Cumulative update 6 for SQL Server 2008 SP1 is available on:

    Please feel free to ask, if you have any more questions.

    Jin Chen

    Jin Chen - MSFT
    Tuesday, January 26, 2010 9:01 AM