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  • I've created several free guides on installing a Windows Intrusion Detection System (WinIDS) in a Windows environment. My guides show users how to setup either a MySQL database or a MSSQL 2000 database.


    The guides for the MSSQL install are way outdated and need to be updated to use MSSQL Express 2008.


    What I'm looking for is to have someone walk me through the process so I can document the complete process from install to end.


    I have no idea how MSSQL is administered as the MSSQL process was donated by a user.


    It might be possible to view the existing MSSQL guide and write an updated process for MSSQL Express 2008, if someone was interested. The install is completely located on the localhost.

    Here is a link for one of the existing guides: The Link


    What I have done so far is;

    Installed 2003 Standard Server


    The below is the process that I have already completed using MSSQL Express 2008 R2, it may be wrong?


    After starting install of MSSQL Express 2008 there was a missing program 'Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5' The error gave a link to download and install. Then it directed installer to run install again.


    Restart the install. It stops at the 'SQL Server Installation Center'. I choose 'New installation...', and it starts the process.


    The 'SQL Server 2008 R2 Setup' windows appears. I choose the 'I accept...' radio box only. Click Next and it starts the installation of the support files.


    It checks to see if all the support files are available. In the 'Status' window all things labeled 'Failed' must be installed in order to continue.


    The 'Windows Power shell' failed. Do not close the 'Setup Support Rules' window as it can be 'Re-run' after the support files are installed.


    Make SURE to download the correct version of 'Windows Power Shell' for the OS that MSSQL is being installed on


    Only after all the items that are labeled 'Failed' in the 'status' column are installed, press the 'Re-run' button on the top right


    In the 'Feature Selection' to the right of the 'Shared feature directory' type 'D:\winids\Microsoft SQL Server\', and press 'Next'


    In the 'Instance Configuration; to the right of the 'Instance root directory' type 'd:\winids\Microsoft SQL Server\', and click 'Next'


    At the 'Server Configuration' window click 'Next'

    There are validation errors on this page. Click OK to close this dialog box. Review errors at the bottom of the setup page, then provide valid parameters or click help for more information.


    The specified credentials that were provided for the SQL Server service are not valid. To Continue, provide a valid account and password for the AQL Server service.


    Set 'SQL Server Database Engine' to NT ATHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE

    Set 'SQL Server Browser' to NT ATHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE


    Setup Type for both is 'Automatic'


    Click Next


    Setting passwords for user that has unrestricted access to the MSSQL Server


    Close to exit successful install.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011 12:34 PM