How do variables work?


  • After a couple hours of searching, I'm no closer to figuring this out than I was when I started. So...

    I have a foreach loop. It has a collection of numbers of type Double, but I've used int32, int64, etc. trying to get it to work. int32 would be ideal. This is mapped to User::accounts.

    Inside the loop is an Execute SQL task. All I want to do is the equivalent of "select @[User::accounts]", to be replaced in the future with an update query. That particular string doesn't work.

    I've mapped the variable to a parameter of type FLOAT and tried "select @accounts". That doesn't work.

    Do I need to declare something? Not use parameters? Neither the documentation nor the error messages (I got an "precision is invalid" error... once) has not been clear on this. I know once I figure out how it works, things will get better.

    Thanks in advance.
    Tuesday, December 12, 2006 5:57 PM