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    I am a fairly new DB admin. I just got into SQL and actually like it so i am trying to learn as much and as fast. i recently had a problem with VMWare Virtual Center database that I resolved by defragmenting the db (density was 13% on most tables) and purged old data.


    My question here is about the size of indexes. I am a little confused maybe someone can shed some light on this topic for me.


    I ran a disk space usage report and noticed that 80% of my 3GB data  base file is being used by Index and only 15 %by data.  Yet the new VC database we deployed for new environment had 68% data usage and 18% index. So my assumption is that over time the indexes just filled and filled. there are regular maintenance plans running but nothing special. can someone explain how is it out of 3  GB 80% is used by indexes and how can I recover that space (flush old indexes or whatever needs to be done) . I assume it just being wasted it doesn't make sense to have 15% data and 80% index out of 3GB file. It would mean that for 10GB of data you need a SAN just to store your indexes Smile


    thanks any input is greatly appreciated


    Wednesday, April 9, 2008 2:25 PM