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  • I'll start by saying I am very new to this.

    I am trying to query a DB where I have the same column with multiple data for the same record and I would like to display all of the data available in a single record rather than having the data duplicated multiple times to display the different entries (hope this makes some sense to someone)


    The following columns always display the same data for the one record and don't need to be duplicated:

    [Record] [Date] [UserID] [Team] [Status]

    However the following field also needs to be displayed, but currently when I query it - it causes the previous mentioned fields to be duplicated and this column could have 7 or 8 different entries in it:


    If anyone understands what I mean and has an idea how I can make it so it displays as one record I would very much appriciate it.


    [Record] [Date] [UserID] [Team] [Status] [Journal1] [Journal2] [Journal3] [Journal4] [Journal5] etc.

    Tuesday, March 13, 2012 6:12 AM


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