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  • We have an Analysis Services system that was developed for us by a consultant that is no longer with us. The system was originally configured by the consultant as Windows Server 2003 64bit with SQL Server 2005 Standard 64bit, 256 Gb of disk space for cubes and database and 8 Gigs of RAM. That was first upgraded to 20 Gigs because of problems with the feeding process and later to 60 Gigs.  Originally, that was two years ago, it ran without any problems but in the last few months it has been consistently getting hung after the Saturday night feed which runs into Sunday. I have rescheduled processes on Sunday to avoid coinciding with the process but to no use. It is still pegged to 100% CPU and 74Gigs of RAM without running the Sunday night feed Monday morning when I come in and have to reboot it to regain control. The server as it currently stands is configured as:

    Server OS: Windows Server 2003 SP4 64 bit

    DB: SQL Server Standard 2005 SP3 64bit

    Memory: 60 Gb

    Disk space: 800 Gb

    I have requested another disk array to remove the database from the same drive as the cubes as there is sever paging but I am not completely sure this is all there is to do. My impression from the very beginning was that the consultant configured a server that would be a good starting point but not scare the customer, us, with the real cost of such a system. Before signoff he had already told me that the server needed at least 32 Gb of RAM and that's when I got approval for 20 Gb. But that wasn't the end of it and as soon as it went live I had to first increase disk space to 800 Gb and then memory to 60 Gb of a request for 64 (at least it was closer to my request that time). Now I have requested a one terabyte disk space to move the SQL database there and remove contention with the cubes on that drive. I would love to hear any suggestions on how to architect this server. My regular SQL Servers I have pretty much figured out but cubes are different.

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    Tuesday, January 18, 2011 12:39 PM

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