Can no longer use Javascript on RSClientPrint class after MS08-052 update



    After updating our Reporting Services server with the GDR for GDI+ update (Bulletin MS08-052) our web page can no longer directly access the control to adjust margins.


    We changed the OBJECT tag to reflect the new cab version and the control seems to be loaded:


    <OBJECT ID="RSClientPrint" CLASSID="41861299-EAB2-4DCC-986C-802AE12AC499"

    CODEBASE=",90,3073,00" ></OBJECT>


    Attempting to access any of the control's methods causes an error.  The statement

    (typeof RSClientPrint == "undefined") returns false, but

    (typeof RSClientPrint.Print == "undefined") returns true.


    Our clients cannot print checks - help please!

    Friday, October 17, 2008 11:19 AM