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  • I have a survey I create that is very simple.  It only asked people if they read and understand an HR document.  One survey is configured with a Yes/No option and the other with a choice of Yes or No.  The one with the yes/no will export with the date and time stamp at the time of the user checking yes.  The other using the choice option will not export the date and time stamp.  Why is this.   Both lists show the username and date and time within the survey results but one will just not export the date and time. Any suggestion?
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  • Hi,


    Did you mean the “Modified” and ”Created” column will not display in the Excel workbook  when you export a survey results to spreadsheet?


    By default, the two columns will not display in Excel workbook.

    There is a similar thread can help you: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/sharepointadmin/thread/4e5d3c8c-8d77-4545-9173-4a041b66347e

    In this thread, it suggest to modify the connection properties to display different views of a list.


    Let me know if I misunderstand you.



    Xue-Mei Change

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    Xue-Mei Chang
    Friday, June 24, 2011 2:03 AM
  • Hi Jeff & Xue Mei,

    Thanks for pointing to Lambert Qin's answer. It's brilliant. But I think it might be too complex, and I found an easier way, based on it. 

    If you can edit the view, why don't you find the default export view GUID, and modify it direct: Overview.aspx? Steps are as follows:

    1. Survey - Actions - Export to Spreadsheet. Save the owssvr.iqy to desktop. Open it from Notepad
    2. Find and copy the strings between &List= and &RowLimit. E.g. {76A2C637-7D31-4C1D-9B27-0B71234F387A}&View={D852300A7-4D91-33E9-B291-123499FD8B32} 
    3. Add it into  http://yoursite/_layouts/viewedit.aspx?List={76A2C637-7D31-4C1D-9B27-0B71234F387A}&View={D852300A7-4D91-33E9-B291-123499FD8B32} 
    4. Now you can edit it as a normal view and don't forget to change item limit from 30 to something big.


    James Zen

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  • Export to excel displays all the columns marked in the default view

    List views can be editable from SharePoint UI except for Survey views

    To edit them, go to SharePoint Designer 2010, navigate to your Survey.

    Edit “Overview" view (default view in survey) in advanced mode.

    Modify the XSLT. Find for <viewfields>tag in the code view.

    Before </viewfields>, add following line of code

    <FieldRef Name="Created"/>

    Save it. Now hit Export to excel, the created column will be displayed

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  • Perfect answer! Worked for me.
    Monday, August 10, 2020 4:06 PM