Passing parameters from a map to a tablix


  • I have basic map layer. I have a SQL table that contains business data elements one being the state. The report shows the map and a tablix. The tablix has a filter based on a report parameter (State). There is an action on the polygon to call the same report and setting the parameter to the State.

    The report works as expected when there is business data for the state. Ie, if the user click on CA, the parameter will be CA an the tablix will display the CA records. However, if the State has no related data records (ie, DE), the parameter is being set to the last STATE in the record set, in this case WI and the tablix is whowing the WI records.

    I would like the tablix to be empty or not displayed if there are no business records for the specific state.

    Your help is appreciated! Thank You! 

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    Saturday, May 04, 2013 3:00 PM