Union all alternative in fetch xml for getting data from dynamics crm v9.0 RRS feed

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  • Hi Guys,

    Hope you're all are doing great. I am trying to convert a union all sql query to fetchxml (as crm v9.0 doesn't allow you to upload sql query based reports).


    Select total_income, name as "Monthly Expenses" from income

    Union All 

    Select commitment_income, name as  "Commitment Expenses" from income

    Union All 

    Select disposible_income, name as  "Disposable Expenses" from income

    Union All 

    Select return_income,  name as  "Return Expense" from income


    The thing is that this query 's data is used in a stacked bar chart. What I've managed to do created three separate data-sets from the queries but from there I don’t know how to merge three data-sets into a single data-set for the chart category groups ,series groups and values sum .


    Any ideas? Thanks.

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  • Hi Cornelius11

    Still get little confused about your issue .

    Seems that you could not use the sql in the fetchxml type ,right ?

    Seems you got the 3 datasets , which have the common column name , does the name refer to the one column ?

    If so, you could try to use the lookup function to get the correspond value in dataset2 from dataset1 .(during the processing, there are some details about the relationships like 1 to n ,or 1 to 1 , n to n , you should consider about this ,otherwise you could not get the correct mapping value )

    See: Lookup Function    LookupSet Function

    Does the 3 datasets are all from one data source ? which I mean does they come from the same file or dataset in the crm?

    If so , why not get the all the columns in one fetchxml query ?

    If the data is not change often , you could try to export it from the original source via different types .(original export way from crm ,ssis, powerbi ,….)

    Then use the new data to create the chart .

    You could offer more detailed information about your issue , like the original data sample , the fetch xml query , the datasource ….etc . to us for more further research .

    Hoping for your reply.

    Best Regards,

    Eric Liu

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