What damage can be done by changing built-in account type?


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    I'm running SQL Server 2008 R2, we made ths switch about a year ago, and are now starting to expand to the other aspects SQL Server has to offer.  When the server was first set up the built-in account type was set to Local System. We have a few small reports that we've used for testing purposes but find ourselves needing to expand so others in the office can use the service.  We would like to restrict user rights via windows accounts.

    A) Is network Service the best way to go?

    B) Is there any damage we could do by making the switch, both in general and particulary effecting our current database?

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    A) network service will work, but better is use domain account (MS best practice)

    B) Damage depends on how you access reportserverDB database. In default setting is service account used for connection to ReportServer and ReportServertempDB. So, you have to setup access to those databases for planned service account or setup for example SQL account for connection.

    This setting can be done in Reporting Services Configuration Manager.



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