Use one cell`s value onto aother Cell to calculate percentage in SSRS 2008


  • Pls help me with my below issue.


    I developed SSRS 2008 Matrix Report.

    In one of the Rows in the Matrix, First Rows Represent Percentage of Subtotal of Second Rows's Value.In my Matrix , total i have 4 Rows, one of Row need to show a Percentage of Subtotal of Another Row.

    How can i Reference that Row Values / Matrix subtotal Values Like that ?

    Below is formate of my Matrix SSRS 2008 Report.

    Jan Feb March

    Mumbai 48% 51% 41% <---Represent of Second Row - Bangalore Percentage of Subtotal

    Bangalore 135 192 197

    Delhi 149 185 278

    Total 284 377 485

    How can i reference, One Cell Value from other Cell's and Subtotal for the Percentage Calculation in SSRS 2008 Matrix ?

    I would like to calculate percentage for banglore. Such as 135/284.. do you kno what i mean.

    Please help me!!

    Let me know if need information.



    Wednesday, September 22, 2010 3:54 PM


  • Hi Shalin,

    We could calculate other cell’s subtotal using the SUM function within a specific scope, and then we will get the Percentage of different month. Therefore, you should add an adjacent row above the Bangalore row firstly, then type in the expression =SUM(Fields!Yourdatafield.Value)/SUM(Fields! Yourdatafield,"TablixName")

    If I misunderstand you, could you please give more clarification, thanks.


    Challen Fu

    Wednesday, September 29, 2010 6:52 AM