Name Of Report Render Format


  • I am using Reporting service 2008, Release 1.

    I need to know the name of report render format, so I can solve that kind of issue

    1.       I place a background image for my report to get better GUI, But I do not want to print it with the report.

    2.       I have hyper link that redirect user to detail report, and I need to disable this hyper link when user export report  to Excel

    3.       I need to place print date and water mark on the printed copy Automatically


    khaled Mohamed
    Tuesday, August 16, 2011 11:02 AM


  • Hi Khaled_tec,

    There are three questions. I’ll answer it one by one.

    Print issue: since there is no build-in feature to support different view from original report when printing, I will share you workaround.

    1.       Create a parameter, with two Available Values (“0” and “1”), one Default Value “1”.

    2.       Right-click the image folder in Report Data pane and add the background image into the folder.

    3.       In the Chart Properties pane, expand BackgroundImage category:

    Source: Embedded
    Value: =
    =Iif(Parameters!ReportParameter.Value="1",”ImageName”,” “)

    Now, before print action, select “0” for the parameter to hide the background image.

    Hyper Link issue:

    If you are planning to upgrade to Reporting Service 2008 R2, there is a new build-in Field Render Format Name, which we can use it to control rendering format. Such as the expression “=IiF(Globals!RenderFormat.Name="EXCEL",NOTHING,url)” will disable the hyper link when export the report to excel files.

    For other releases before SSRS 2008 R2, we might need use a similar workaround as above. There are details in this thread:

    Print Date time issue:

    Firstly, the Reporting Services do not support water mark style fonts.

    Secondly, as I have said in Print issue part, there is no build-in feature to support different view from original report when printing. So we have to add the date time manually by drag the Built-in field Execution Time to somewhere in the report. And then control the visibility by a parameter as a workaround:

    1.       Right-click the Execution Time textbox, select Text Box Properties.

    2.       In the Text Box Properties dialog, navigate to Visibility category. And set the expression for Show or hide based on an expression option: =Iif(Parameters!ParameterName=”1”,false,true)


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    Thursday, August 18, 2011 8:04 AM