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  • I'm not sure if this forum is the appropriate place for this question, but it seems like the best fit so here goes:

    I have developed with the MS technology stack for over a decade and have used SQL Server for a good portion of that. Primarily, I have focused on LOB applications, SOA's and a not insignificant amount of Silverlight. Given the Silverlight debacle (I don't know what else to call it), I have decided to move away from UI development and particularly anything involving HTML+Javascript.   I enjoy working with data and building data models so I think focusing my career to on SQL Server and in particular SSAS would be a good thing. My basic question/concern though is what aspect of the BI stack should I focus on? Ideally, one should probably be comfortable with Datamining, Multidimensional modeling and now, with SQL 2012, tabular modeling. That is quite a bit to take in all at once so, I guess the basic question is, where does one start? Would I be better of acquiring a good command of traditional analysis services and then moving on, say, to the new tabular model? Which skills are most in demand? A good way to summarize my question is, What, in broad strokes, does one need to know to be a successful business professional?

    I want to begin learning the things I would need to be successful in such a role but I don't want to waste my time learning technologies that aren't really required. For example, I could lock myself into a room for a month and probably learn a fair amount of MDX but I'm not sure this would benefit me; I've never met anyone, for example, that knew anything about it and I've never been on a project where it was required - in contradistinction to T-SQL which is everywhere.

    Thanks for any advice

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