Cannot generate SSPI context


  • Hi,

    My program is written in vb.Net 2003 versoin and the SQL SERVER is 2005.

    The SQL SERVER is rresiding on a 2008 SERVER.

    When my program tries to connect to the DB it throws an Unhandled EXCEPTION:

    Microsoft.Net Framework

    Cannot Generate SSPI context.

    This happens on the workstation.

    If I re-boot the system then it connects fine:

    Here is my code connecting to my DB:

    Public conn As New SqlConnection("Data Source=sqloledb;SERVER=Lab1;Database=LabM;Trusted_Connection=true;")

    I tried looking up the KB and tried everything under sun,

    but still no luck.

    Can anyone help.



    Monday, August 16, 2010 3:41 PM


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