Using External Images in SSRS Reports


  • Hi there,

    My requirement is that I have an external image sitting on the Report Server Virtual Directory, say, Logo.jpg. I have a SSRS Report that I am developing using BIDS 2005, wherein I need to have this logo as an image. So, I drag and drop the Image Tool item on to my table, select Web as the image type and then point it to a file:///<filelocation> temporarily. then, I go to the Value Property and then write an expression =Globals!ReportServerURL & "/Logo.jpg". Once I deploy the report, I do not see the image on the report.

    This is just a simplified version of my req. In reality, we have datacenters with multiple SSRS instances,  wherein we have an instance per customer (we have around 500 customers). and, within each instance, we want the respective customers to have their own logo. we are looking at asking the customer to put their logo with the name of Logo.Jpg under their Report Server Virtual Directory. and hence the expression that uses the Globals!ReportServerURL.

    Using a Project / Embedded / Database image is not an option. Could some one please guide me on the steps that I need to follow? Also, I had come across some other posts that said that we need to configure some Execution Account as well as enable external images, but I have not been able to find the places to configure these. so, please do guide me through the steps.

    The reports will be viewed using IE and it is not meant for Windows Forms. Users will navigate to their reports under the report server url using IE

    Thanks in advance
    Wednesday, October 21, 2009 5:21 AM