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  • We have a Linked Server set up between our 2005 and 2012 test systems for an application we are migrating.  A SQL job was created on the 2012 server to run a stored procedure that tries to transverse the link.  The owner of the job is Domain\DSSvc, and is set to Run As Domain\DSSvc 

    I have the AD account configured on both SQL servers, and the Linked server is set to use "current security context".  If I run the Stored Procedure manually, it works. o

    If I try to have it use the job, I receive an error “Linked servers cannot be used under impersonation without a mapping for the impersonated user”.  If I set the job owner as the SQL Agent, with no “Run as” account, it works fine.

    I was under the impression that setting the linked server to “current security context” should allow it to transverse the link without explicitly adding a local server to remote server mapping. 

    Is there something I’m missing or just overlooked?  

    Friday, April 19, 2013 12:58 AM


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