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    Can anyone please respond to below interview questions, I need some understanding. I tried to google it but no-luck ?. Especially 5th question, its quite confusing because everyone approach or suggest different way. Is there any best practice like check 1, 2, 3 etc...

    1. Difference between Logical Page and Physical Page in SSRS.

    2. Name and Describe few console utilities for SSRS.

    3. Describe different Processing Modes offered by SSRS.

    4. How can you monitor the report usage.

    5. A report is Performing poorly . What steps you would take to troubleshoot the Issue.

    Please help me guys.

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  • Hi,

    1. Refer these links.

        Alien Lanes (Logical and Physical Pagination Rules)

        Controlling Report Pagination

    2.  (i) RSConfig.exe - Configuration of connection properties between the Report Server to the repository database.
         (ii) RSKeyMgmt.exe - Management of encryption keys via command-line
         (iii) RS.exe - Scripting of report deployment

    3.  It is related to the processing mode funcitonality of ReportViewer control in .NET.

         (i) Local processing mode provides an alternative method for viewing and rendering reports when Reporting Services is not installed. In local processing mode, your application provides the report definition and datasets and triggers report processing.

          (ii) Remote Processing Specifies remote processing mode against a Reporting Services report server. Data retrieval and report processing happen on the Report Server and the control is used for display and report navigation. This model allows you to build rich applications that can be scaled from desktop to the enterprise.

           Refer: Read the Report Viewer Controls section in this link for more details.

    4.  You can monitor the report usage using execution logs. Check this link:

         Monitoring Report Execution Performance with Execution Logs

        Alternatively you can query reportServer database as follows:

       SELECT ex.UserName, ex.Format, ex.TimeStart, cat.Name,
                  CONVERT(nvarchar(10), ex.TimeStart, 101) AS rundate
           FROM ExecutionLog AS ex, Catalog AS cat
           WHERE ex.ReportID = cat.ItemID
           ORDER BY ex.TimeStart DESC

          Reference: Tracking Usage in Reporting Services

                           SSRS - tracking report usage

    5. You need to identify the expensive queries and missing indexes.

         How Can I Log and Find the Most Expensive Queries?

         SSRS Report Performance monitoring

         Reporting Services Performance Optimizations

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