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  • Hi folks.

    I'm trying to add to my SSMA XML console script some sequences.  Didn't find anything specific about sequences neither online nor in the sample files; the most significant example I found was this:

        <!-- Example 4: Convert Schema  for a specific  object(say Table)
             (with only a few optional attributes & write-summary-report-to with a file name) -->
        <!--<convert-schema object-name="$OracleSchemaName$.TestTbl"
                        report-errors="true" />-->

    Kind of intutive, I just have to modify the object name and its type, right?  Maybe like this: 

        <convert-schema object-name="lil2019.USERDEF_COLUMN_NO_SEQ"
                        object-type="sequences" />

    But then I got this error:

    [2019-07-04 15:42:05]  MESSAGE generic Microsoft SSMA for Oracle v8.2.0
    [2019-07-04 15:42:06] FATALERR Invalid xml file: c:\Users\martlean\Documents\Demandes\convert_oracle_sql\migrationv7\ssmaproj\Ora_to_Sql.xml. Schema Validation failed at line number 117 and position 21: attribute 'object-type' is invalid - Value 'sequences' is not valid with the datatype 'MetabaseObjectCategories'
    (The message might not be 100% correct, I tried to translate it from french)

    So, the example uses the value TABLES for a table but its not SEQUENCES for a sequence?  What would be the right value (or syntax) for converting sequences with the console?  Is there somewhere a full list of accepted values for object-types? 

    Thursday, July 4, 2019 8:34 PM

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