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  • Is it true that SSDT isn't honouring the beautifully engineered VS command interface to allow customising keyboards/menu's/toolbars etc and firing macros? I am used to being able to find the command by finding the keyboard command already used (in Options\Keyboard) and changing it to my preference. However I don't seem to be able to do this in SSDT?

    Specifically we want to be able to

    1. Reassign the hotkey to change panes in sql editor (equivalent of F6 in SSMS)

    2. Switch the current database from the combo at the top (equivalent of Ctrl-D in SSMS)

    Weirdly in my VS 2010 Premium edition

    1 Works with "Ctrl D, N" which is really cumbersome to use and this isn't an infrequent shortcut that an SSDT user would use. I cannot find the command in the Keyboard command list.

    2. Shows in the tooltip to be Shift+Alt+PgDn, but this doesn't work for me when I press it and is linked to "TSqlEditorDatabaseCombo". Is this not the correct command for this control or could there be another reason why this isn't working for me?

    Thanks for any suggestions

    Thursday, March 21, 2013 3:52 PM

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  • Hi Brett Gerhardi GRG,

    Is this what you need,In SSDT - > Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard -> Press shortcut keys  ->Assign

    CTRL + z - undo - will also work in SSDT :)

    your own thread -

    Refer this -  

    Thanks & Regards, sathya

    Thursday, March 21, 2013 4:20 PM
  • Thanks Sathya, unfortunately I am very familiar with that dialog and is what I was referring to in my original post. However it isn't helping me resolve this as either the command doesn't appear to exist or if it seems to it isn't behaving correctly as I indicated in my original post.

    Please test it with the 2 commands I mention and if you get it to work correctly upload a vssettings file that assigns F6 and Ctrl-D,Ctrl-D to the commands I mentioned for me to try. I have had no success and I am experienced in heavily customising VS with keyboards/menu's and macros, so hope you have more luck!

    The blog posting specifically doesn't mention the 2 major commands/shortcuts that I'm interested in.

    Thursday, March 21, 2013 5:22 PM
  • Hi Brett,

    1. The only way to change focus from the T-SQL Editor pane to the various other results panes is to use the CTRL+D,N shortcut sequence.  Unfortunately, this shortcut combination is currently not customizable.

    2. Hitting Shift+Alt+PgDn, will cause the focus to be set to the database dropdown control.  You will then need to use the UP or DOWN arrow keys to change your database selection.  As far as I know, there isn't a shortcut to directly cycle through or toggle database selection directly.



    Thursday, March 21, 2013 6:09 PM
  • I should have mentioned that the shortcut CTRL+D,P will cycle through the various editor panes in reverse order.
    Thursday, March 21, 2013 6:11 PM
  • Thanks for the reply Alex, so you've confirmed my fears - the team that built SSDT have totally ignored the design patterns and extensibility of the VS shell. You can tell this when you have a toolbar at the top of the pane that isn't customisable and not part of the standard toolbar extensibility. This is all part of the same problem

    Really disappointing at a fundamental level. VS is an awesome shell and the best in the business because of these extensibility/customisation features. Team system database projects were mostly done "right" inside it - why was SSDT not?

    Is it worth creating a Connect issue about this for action? So far none of my issues/suggestions have been actioned and generally closed with a vague reason (or no reason at all, just we aren't going to fix it).

    I don't suppose this has been fixed in VS2012?
    Friday, March 22, 2013 8:35 AM
  • Just to clarify where we are with SSMS and what the equivalent is in SSDT:

    SSMS - F6 hit multiple times to cycle through the commonly needed panes

    SSDT - Ctrl D <Release everything> N (which you need to do multiple times to do the circuit of going through all the panes)

    No way to customise it

    and from

    SSMS Ctrl-D then type the name of the database

    SSDT Shift+Alt+PgDn <Release everything> Alt+DownArrow then type the name of the database

    The Shift+Alt+PgDn part can be customised with the keyboard Command TSqlEditorDatabaseCombo but you still have to do the Alt+Down then type the name of the database which seems a bit unnecessary considering this is suppose to be a keyboard shortcut!

    Both of these commands are probably the most used keyboard shortcuts so this really is an issue.

    Friday, March 22, 2013 8:54 AM
  • Is it worth creating a Connect issue about this for action? So far none of my issues/suggestions have been actioned and generally closed with a vague reason (or no reason at all, just we aren't going to fix it). I don't suppose this has been fixed in VS2012?


    The ssdt is a good tool, but the ssdt's ide is not integrated well with vs2012, and is very buggy.

    Reporting bugs on Connect is totally pointless, I've reported many ssdt ide bugs, all totally ignored :(

    (Find replace almost totally broken for ssdt, t-sql toolbar buggy/not available, designer view not customizable /not remembers panes positions/ etc.)

    Tuesday, March 26, 2013 7:56 PM
  • Brett, have you tried out the SSMS VS settings profile?

    It doesn't have all the commands you're looking for, but it should address some of your preferences.

    Friday, March 29, 2013 2:24 AM
  • Hi Janet, thanks I haven't tried that deliberately as it unfortunately doesn't address any of the issues that I have. The only commands I'm interested in are the ones I listed and I understand that this isn't a settings problem as for some reason the standard VS customisation architecture has not been properly used by SSDT.
    Tuesday, April 02, 2013 8:29 AM