Using Custom Data Processing Extension in Report Builder 3.0


  • I implemented Data Processing Extension for the SSRS and it is working with Report Designer. Ideally I need this to work also with Report Builder 3.0.  Is it possible to do that or the Report Builder is restricted to work only with the standard extensions?

    I created shared data source that uses my extension but the when I create a Data Set using my extension it gives an error message:

    The selected data extension MyExtension is not installed or cannot be loaded. Verify that the selected data extension is installed on the client for local reports and on the report server for published reports.


    I needed to modify RSReportDesigner.config and put my DLL into PrivateAssemblies for the Report Designer to work. Is there some similar configuration for the Report Builder needed?



    Wednesday, August 24, 2011 9:07 PM


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